The eco-districts

The eco-districts

The urban renovation project of Moulins, Nice.

A range of projects, which will contribute to the sustainable development of the Eco-Vallée, are scheduled with partners of the EPA.


The urban renovation project* of Moulins

(Projet de rénovation urbaine -PRU)

Partner: Cote d’Azur Habitat and Nice Côte-d’Azur Metropolis

Set on the Western outskirts of Nice, a vast urban renovation project is programmed for this area, with its 10 000 inhabitants. The Moulins district will now occupy a central, strategic position at the heart of the Eco-Vallée, right next to the airport, the multimodal hub and the new tramway line.

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Saint Blaise

Partner: Commune of Saint Blaise and Nice Côte-d’Azur Metropolis

In the “Confluence” sector, this hillside district of 7 hectares will be developed as one of the only urban planning zones of this commune. The project includes new housings as well as road work to provide a direct access between the new roundabout on the RD 6202 and the old village.

+ une phrase par JB Depraz sur la mixité

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Carros : Lou Couletas

Partners: Commune of Carros and Nice Côte-d’Azur Metropolis + private developers

The project is situated at the Plan de Carros:

- The eco-district of Lou Couletas stretches over 6,5 hectares, and will include 500 new housings, a retirement home, a crèche, stores…

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Gilette : Le Bec de l’Esteron

Partners: Commune of Gilette, General Coucil and EPA Plaine du Var.

This 13,5 hectares project aims to rehabilitate the Bec de l’Estéron, situated at the “Confluence”, with its outstanding natural setting and historical background.

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